She Survives

NFT with a cause!

She Survives is a collection of 10,000 beautiful bald women finding beauty within themselves! 40% of all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.


Our Roadmap

What happens after sellout?

Image by Charlie Deets

Donation to the American Cancer Society and grants for women!

After sellout, 40% of all sales and royalties will go to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research*. Every month, grants will be given to women who have been affected by breast cancer to support their health and well being.

 Giveaways, Events and Merch!

After selling out, there will be a Tesla Giveaway as well as other giveaways in the future. Merchandise will be released as well as events planned to celebrate our SheSurvives family, charity auctions and more!



When is mint?

3/27/22 for pinklist and 3/28/22 for public.

What is mint price?

0.05 ETH

What is the breakdown of royalties?

40% to American Cancer Society, 10% for grants and other charities, 50% split for the team. Any unused portion will be placed in our community wallet for allocation to other charities. The creator royalties will be split the same way for continuous donation.


Meet Our Team


Ashley Duncan


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Erin Gambrel

Dev/Marketing Partner

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Sondos Gamal


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The American Cancer Society

Charity Partner

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Susan G Komen

Charity Beneficiary


Unique Unicorns 

NFT Partner